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With the spring breezes gently blowing and the flowers pushing through the remaining fluffy snow, something stirs in our human body. Its the urge to get outdoors and get our hands in touch with creation. This garden table, made out of cypress wood, will help to make the task at hand more comfortable with its elevated work surface. The work board that comes with the table helps to keep things neat. The top & bottom shelf is convenient for storage or displaying your handiwork. After your spring tasks are done, you can use this garden table as a serving bar. Enjoy it as you entertain your guests throughout the summer in your own backyard retreat. The Garden Table is Made from Cypress wood and has stainless steel hardware that won’t rust and is durable for all seasons

  • Includes a dirt or Cutting board.
  • 22″ D x 43-1/2″ W x 50-1/2″ H
  • Made from Cypress Wood
  • Stainless Steel Hardware

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2 reviews for Garden Table

  1. Todd

    Wonderful table. Did lots of research and this quality Garden Table is top of line. Finishes beautifully and new growth bald cypress is I understand a sustainable wood. We live in Florida so a natural wood for us as cypress is a natural southern species. Couple of recommendations to folks at Hershey Way if I may:

    1) have the folks using the impact Nail screw gun back off some as several of the screws were set far too deeply and caused wood to crack. On a couple I needed to remove and fill with wood putty, sand and then start finishing process.

    2) Come on folks do a You Tube Hersheyway 4 minute video on best way to unpack and suggestions for finishing based in the environment garden table exposure to the elements.

    3) Finally, a drawer option would be so easy either small drawer on top or under table shelf to hide the tools which get a little nasty over time.

    So a great table, quality hardware, well-designed and engineered and nice folks at HW easy to speak with and eager to please. A person actually picked up the phone! God Bless the USA!

  2. Todd

    Final thought, wheels for the table legs would be great! I am going to fabricate some to fit. The table could easily double as a drink center at parties with the great large sturdy bin for ice. The top shelf for glasses. Would be a cool discussion piece and good for marketing Hersheyway!

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