18 Inch Urban Bar Stool with Leather Seat


Made by TH Woodcraft



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This 18″ tall handmade wood bar stool is crafted using the highest quality brown maple or hickory wood and will offer you a comfortable resting place or a footrest while you tie your shoe. A range of modern stain color finishes guarantees you will find a handcrafted Amish stool to complement your home decor. And as for durability? We know you will immediately be able to recognize the exceptional quality and strength the moment you get your hands on your new wood stool.

Find out why our customers cannot keep their bums off our barstools:

✓ Urban style: A classic urban/rustic style fills your home with character and looks fantastic.
✓ Protective pads: Your floors will remain scratch-free with our Amish furniture.
✓ Brown maple or hickory: Choose what wooden finish suits your home best.
✓ At 18 inches, this stool is perfect for kids or for a footrest while tying your shoes.
✓ Made in USA, Ohio: Made by a trusted barstool craftsman in America.


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