Our Story

Our family business was born out of a dream to help our community and you as our customer

Amish Mercantile was born out of a dream to help our community and you as our customer. We wanted a place that people could trust for quality merchandise only made from in the United States. The work of the Amish and Mennonites is well known in our community for its craftsmanship and outstanding quality. Using our God given abilities, our desire is to bring these products to you through the internet.
We are a “transplanted” family that has been born and raised in the deep south Georgian coastlands. We moved up to Ohio Amish country where we are surrounded with family and friends.

Our desire is for us to have a family operated business, with God our “Owner”….. and we are blessed with five growing children who have gifts of their own; Josh our oldest, loves anything to do with the “tech” world…. so he’s behind all the online marketing, and creating our website… this is his element! The other three are being homeschooled… they have many gifts, too- but we are wanting them to focus on their education right now. We have them helping in between whenever it works…you can say they are being groomed for future use! Our littlest, and baby of the family is almost three and is a joy and blessing to our family.

We are loving what we have around us… the gorgeous scenery, the beautiful rolling hills, the quiet Amish living. We are surrounded with quality, hand-crafted products, and absolutely great tasting cuisine!! The Amish know how to work, and they do their best in it— therefore, their products are of highest quality. Because of their conservative beliefs and simple way of living, the majority refrain from having and using internet, so, this is our desire to bring all this to your finger tips by the means of a “general store” feel that is online. We are recognizing those individual crafters by authenticating their products and allowing their story to come with the product… in hopes that you can get a little feel of what Holmes County, Ohio or “Amish Country” is all about!!